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This is an alt text of a man painting a wall with a light grey color.


Finding the right painting contractor can make all the difference regarding home improvements. Every color, down to the specific shade, affects the look and feel of your home, so it’s vital to ensure that your paint looks precisely the way you desire. Dad's Home Repairs LLC will take care of any painting project. We can paint walls, cabinets, trim, molding, and more. If you’re updating your entire home or repairing small cracks in your current paint job, you can count on us to provide fantastic service. We know that accidents happen, especially with kids and pets in the house. Dad’s is here to help take care of those imperfections you have been putting off. Whether it’s fixing holes or revamping a room, we can get the job done fast, right, on time, and within budget. If you need drywall repair and paint matching or need a completely new look, we can make your visions come to life. We handle your painting project from start to finish. If other tasks need to be done beforehand to ensure a clean, smooth paint job, we will handle them quickly and efficiently. We can do everything from drywall repair to power washing.


Additionally, we can also texture your walls, stain fences, and paint accent walls. We’re proud to provide residential and commercial remodeling and painting to our clients in the Houston, TX, area. To learn more about the interior and exterior painting services we offer, contact us to get a quote today.

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